Philly Cheese Steak - $7.25 Thin sliced roast beef smothered with sautéed onions, green peppers & Swiss cheese.
BLT - $6.75 Crispy bacon piled on grilled sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Jalapeño & Jack - $6.75 Topped with sliced jalapeños, Monterrey Jack with lettuce & tomato. Served on our pretzel bun.
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Dieters Platter - $7.50 6 oz. boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast is served over a bed of rice and green beans.
Bleu Cheese Pretzel Burger - $7.25 Served on our signature pretzel bun, lettuce tomato topped with bleu cheese crumbles.
French Fries - $2.50 Cottage Cheese - $2.50 Cup of Soup - $3.25 Bowl of Soup - $3.99 Small Onion Rings - $3.75 Green Beans with Bacon & Onions - $2.50 Homemade Potato Salad - $2.75 2 Potato Skis with cheese, bacon & sour cream - $2.99
Get Stuffed
American Cheese - $6.75 With white cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato.
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Turkey & Monterey Jack - $6.75 Thin sliced turkey breast topped with Monterrey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Taco Salad - $7.99 Tossed lettuce with tomato, green onion, black olives, shredded cheese & seasoned taco meat. Served with tortilla chips.
Grilled Chicken & Artichoke - $7.99 6 oz. chicken breast is topped with the Rail’s homemade artichoke parmesan.
Loaded Potato - $6.75 Our Jumbo Potato is topped with real shredded cheese, bacon, broccoli, sautéed onions, mushrooms & scallions.
Tuna Melt - $6.50 Our homemade tuna salad topped with white cheddar cheese & lettuce on grilled sourdough bread.
Roast Beef, Mushroom & Swiss - $6.75 Tender roast beef topped with sautéed mushrooms & Swiss cheese.
Traditional Sandwiches
Mushroom - $6.99 Sautéed mushrooms, provolone cheese topped with lettuce & tomato.
Fish Sandwich - $6.25 Our lightly breaded fish is topped with lettuce & tomato. Served on a brioche bun.
Bacon - $7.25 Crispy bacon & white cheddar cheese make this the best burger. Topped with lettuce & tomato.
Grilled Chicken Salad - $7.99 Mixed lettuce topped with mild pepper rings, tomato, cucumber, black olives, green peppers & grilled chicken breast.
Plain Potato - $4.25 Served with butter & sour cream.
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Rail’s Famous Fish
Soup & Salad Bar - Monday through Friday 11 AM to 2 PM - $8.50 Fresh assortment of homemade salads, crisp head lettuce & Salad toppers. Plus the choice of two all-you-can-eat soups.
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Dressings Wild Raspberry, Poppy Seed, French, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Dijon, Hidden Valley Ranch, Blue Cheese & Fat Free sun-dried tomato basil.
Our 1/2 lb. burgers are hand pattied daily & char broiled. Certified Angus Ground Chuck.
Salad Entrees
Roast Beef, Mushroom & Swiss - $6.99 Grilled corned beef topped with Swiss cheese and horseradish sauce.
Garden Fresh Salad - $8.25 Fresh lettuce topped with bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, craisins, toasted almonds & grilled chicken. Served with tortilla chips.
Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Wrap - $6.25 Thin slices of turkey wrapped together with crispy bacon, shredded cheese, green onions, tomatoes and ranch dressing.
Rail Potato - $5.25 Topped with bacon & cheese. Served with butter & sour cream.
The areas BEST & ONLY hand-breaded pollock. The Rail’s most requested speciality item by far! Cooked in cholesterol-free shortening.
Our lunch menu is available from 11 AM to 4:30 PM.
All sandwiches are made to order. Modified sandwiches will require extra preparation time. Add cup of soup to your sandwich for only $2.25. Bowl - $2.50
American Burgers
Veggie Potato - $6.25 Topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions, broccoli, black olives & shredded cheese. Served with butter & sour cream.
Oriental Chicken Salad - $7.99 A fresh combination of lettuce & cabbage, green onions, toasted almonds, chicken strips & our tasty sesame dressing.
Pretzel Sandwiches
Fish & Slaw - $7.99 Fish, French Fries & Slaw - $8.50
Santa Fe Chicken - $8.50 Strips of char-grilled fajita chicken breast on a bed of greens topped with shredded cheese, pico-de-gallo & guacamole.
Breaded Tenderloin - $6.25 Our huge tenderloin is a meal itself! Served on a kaiser bun with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Grown Up Grilled Cheese Duo - $6.25 The Rail’s original grilled cheese trio is stacked with Swiss, white cheddar, provolone, bacon & tomato on grilled Texas toast.
Chicken Tenders - $7.99 Crispy chicken strips served with fries & cole saw.
Hamburger - $6.50 Classic, American Hamburger cooked to your liking topped with lettuce & tomato.
Spinach Salad - $8.25 Fresh spinach lettuce topped with red onion, bacon, egg, fresh mushrooms, craisins & croutons. Chicken - $1.99 Shrimp - $2.99
Chicken Tender Wrap - $6.50 Strips of chicken tenders wrapped together with boom boom sauce, ranch, shredded cheese, green onion, tomato & lettuce.